Birthday - Packaging Paper (62gsm Food Safe) (Personalised option)


The packaging paper is made from high quality vellum paper and is available in 62gsm thickness. 

The inks we use are 100% food safe as we use edible inks. Ink ingredients are available in our f.a.q.s. 

We do not recommend placing food with a higher moisture content, e.g. sandwiches containing moist fillings, directly on the printed side of the paper as this can cause the ink to smudge. Wrap the sandwiches in either plain paper or cling film before adding to your cake box. 

Great for cupcakes, cookies, brownies or fudge etc.. 

A logo with a white or pale background works best as if there is too much ink the paper can tend to curl.  A bold text works well too.

Order a sample sheet for £1.00 plus postage.

Packs are available in 25, 50 or 100, 500 or 1000 sheets.

If you would like a name added to the paper please add in the box below. 

A proof will be sent via email so make sure you add your email address to your order.


Cake image by Incredible Cake Toppers 


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