New Year's Eve Cupcake Toppers

This listing is for a set of six (or multiples of six) New Year's Eve celebration 'clink, fizz and pop' cupcake toppers, in silver, gold and dark silver glitter card.


They are perfect for adding a sparkly, sophisticated touch to any New Year's Eve cupcakes, whether home-made, professionally created or shop-bought. 


In each pack of six there are 2 x clink (silver glitter), 2 x fizz (gold glitter) and 2 x pop (dark silver glitter).


These toppers are created from high quality low shed glitter card and each one is presented on an 8cm food safe cocktail stick. The cupcake topper sets arrive assembled and ready to use.


See the listing photos for a guide to the dimensions of the cake topper. The toppers are shown on 7.6cm/3 inch cupcakes and they are approximately 4.5cm-6cm wide.


Beautifully and hygienically packaged in a cellophane bag, we send your cupcake topper sets out in a sturdy card-backed ‘please do not bend’ envelope.


The cake toppers are all designed and handmade by myself. The toppers are delicate, but designed to keep their shape when on top of the cake. The product is not a toy and is not suitable for children under 3.


Big Mabel is happy to create any kind of customised cake topper...just start an Etsy convo with us!


We love to share our products on our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you would rather we didn't, please let us know when ordering and we will respect your privacy. If you are happy to share after a certain date, again just let us know!


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£3 for set of 6

£6 for set of 12

£9 for set of 18

£12 for set of 24

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