Paint your own cupcake toppers - Halloween Day of the Dead

Cupcake Toppers to decorate biscuits, cookies, cupcakes etc. 

Can be ordered on own or with edible art palette. 

Made from edible icing sheets. Simply colour in the cupcake toppers using edible ink, peel away from the sheet and add to your cupcakes.  

  • 15 x 2 inch pre cut edible cupcake toppers (note red circle does not print on the image) 

Information if ordering with art palette:

One Art palette includes one paintbrush .

Wet a small paint brush with clean water - use the edible colour palette to paint your biscuits or cupcake toppers. Avoid painting over black lines and make sure you clean your brush between colours.

Please note the colours of the palettes appear darker - once mixed with water they will paint lighter.

Each palette contains six different colours (2.2 inch circles). Red, yellow, orange, blue, green and purple/pink. Colour shades may vary. 

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