Baby Reveal Card, Linked to Baby Shower Prediction Card

This listing is for a single baby shower 'reveal' prediction card.

This is a physical item. You will receive a printed A4 sheet on 160 gsm white card, ready to be filled in once your baby is born.

The card is designed to match our baby shower prediction card packs (

If you are also ordering those, we will use the personalisation on this reveal card.

If you aren't ordering the matching prediction cards, then please provide the following information. so that the reveal card can be personalised:

- the mum-to-be's name (or both parents' names: so, both mums, both dads, or mum and dad's names)
- choice of mum/dad; mummy/daddy; mam/dad; mammy/daddy; mum [name]/mum [name]; dad [name]/dad [name]; (or your choice)
- ONE extra statement for the fifth balloon (e.g. weather on day born; number one single on day born; first gift; reason why we chose their name)

The listing photos shows examples of two reveal cards.

Baby gender known and baby gender unknown options are available.

Please add the personalisation details in the box when ordering.

Postage on this item will be refunded if ordered at the same time as the baby prediction card packs.

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