A4 Sticker Sheet - Custom Size and Shape - Ideal For Product Labels, Ingredients etc.

This listing is for an A4 sheet (or multiple sheets) of stickers, in a custom size and shape.

A great option for ingredients labels, product stickers or any of your business or personal sticker needs. See listing photos for examples.

The number of labels on the sheet depends on the size and shape requested. The larger the label, the fewer on the sheet. For example, we can fit ten 5cm x 7.6cm (2 inch by 3 inch) stickers on one sheet.

The price includes a £2 set-up and design fee for your label. We keep a copy of all custom orders, for easy re-ordering. The design fee won't be charged on re-orders of exactly the same stickers - we will send a unique discount code with your first order of stickers.

This is the price for each newly designed label. Message us if you require more than one version of a design, e.g. different flavours, different products, etc. and we will arrange a custom order for you based on the number of different versions of the one design and the amount of sticker sheets ordered.

Please fill in the personalisation box before ordering.

We will always send a proof of your label to you via Etsy before printing, so please check your messages after ordering.


o Easy peel, multi-purpose labels
o High quality, Q-Connect brand

Big Mabel is happy to create any kind of customised stickers...just start an Etsy convo with us!

We love to share our products on our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you would rather we didn't, please let us know when ordering and we will respect your privacy. If you are happy to share after a certain date, again just let us know!

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